I s l a n d P r o j e c t s

Amy Sacksteder | Nicole Pietrantoni

Island Projects is Nicole Pietrantoni and Amy Sacksteder. The two artists met in Iceland in 2010 while attending artist residencies. Their collaborative work stems from common themes in their individual studio practices, which mutually examine human interaction with nature. With Pietrantoni’s background in printmaking and Sacksteder’s background in drawing and painting, the artists employ an array of media to create installations that incorporate anything from digital prints and inkjet transparencies to cyanotypes and drawings.

Since Sacksteder is based in Michigan and Pietrantoni is currently residing in Iceland, they use their distance as a platform for collaborating remotely, sending work back-and-forth and communicating online. When opportune, they converge to make installation-based work that reveals shared concepts and aesthetics. Mirroring the artists’ situation as they come together only to depart again, the work is installed to be experienced, documented, then dismantled. The pieces typically fit in a suitcase.